Some of the benefits of working with Educate-Global :

  • Educate-Global has developed the first Learning Management System (LMS) that can be quickly converted into any language. This means that your employees in different countries can get a student interface in their native language, based on the country they are working in. This will decrease the resistance of your employees to the new e learning medium, thereby greatly increasing the probability of success within your organization.
  • Studies show that e-learning can reduce your training costs over 50% by eliminating many of the traditional expenses such as seminar fees, travel expenses as well as time absent from work.
  • Training topics, information and entire curriculums can be updated instantly and uniformly across your entire organization. Instead of sending out updated material to instructors, a single file update on the web is immediately available to all students. You can even notify students instantly that new information is available and needs to be reviewed. This is perfect, for example, for new product launches and training salespeople in far flung locations. By reducing the time to market for new products, your conpany will see bottom line results from your training efforts.
  • Each student can access his personal curriculum, tailored to fill their personal knowledge gaps. The Educate-Global LMS measures and monitors the advances of both individual and organizational knowledge so the there is alignment between your company and your employees.
  • Educate-Global offers complete online qualification, which is perfect for certification programs, and supports multiple educational approaches, ranging from e-learning to conventional methods.
  • Educate-Global can create dynamic, client specific content to meet your business needs in areas such as sales, finance, logistics and operations. Leveraging the talents in countries like Mexico and Vietnam, Educate-Global produces world class content at a fraction of the typical US rate.
  • A complete solution is available from Educate-Global. Our consulting services help you develop and implement an effective e learning strategy for your organization. Once the strategy is established, Educate-Global can meet all your needs including LMS deployment, Authoring Tool, custom course development, competency consulting, and off the shelf courses designed to meet specific competency gaps.
  • The learning philosophy of Educate-Global is a "blended" approach to training. This means effectively combining both live Instructor Lead (ILT) and on line Computer Based (CBT) Training to meet your organization's needs. Not all subject matter is appropriate for on line training. However, on line training offers substantial advantages over ILT in many areas, such as basic theory, hands on simulators, and repetitive learning. By combining the two approaches, the efficiency and effectiveness of your overall training program will be substantially increased.
  • The Educate-Global LMS manages both live training and on line training. Live training includes ILT, video conferencing and synchronized online training with whiteboards. Because both types of training are managed, you have a single repository for ALL your company's training information and you get a system which will grow with your organization as you shift from more costly ILT training to more cost effective CBT training.
  • The Educate-Global LMS conforms to the IMS-SCORM standards for e learning so you have a system which is flexible enough to grow with your organizational needs and will not become obsolete. You can offer courses from many different sources: Universities such as MIT, Tec de Monterrey and University of Wales; Vendors such as Skillsoft, Quisic, Netg, Smartforce or Digital Think. In fact, since the courseware platform of the Educate-GlobalLMS is open, any course which meets either IMS-SCORM or AICC standards can be launched, from both a local or remote server.
  • It is our goal to create permanent values for our customers by identifying opportunities and developing client specific solutions tailored to meet the organization's culture. E learning should fit YOUR company, and not require your company to change to fit the needs of the LMS system. Changing an organization's culture is hard so you need to minimize the amount of change which an organization needs to undergo when embarking on a new strategy! The completely customizable code of Educate-Global LMS allows us to quickly change our LMS to meet your particular organizational needs. Finally, since our LMS is parameter driven, a full e learning solution, on your company intranet or using the internet, can be deployed in 3-5 working days!
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